About Kara B. Schmidt

“It May Be Simple, But It Isn’t Easy” is the revealing true story of the author’s amazing and profound occurrences. Kara B. Schmidt, M.A., R.N., who has a Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Nursing, was born and educated in New York to be a registered nurse/entrepreneur.

Kara was stunned when she began to hear the voices of spirit guides she never knew she had, in her late 40s. Unexpected and valuable insights followed, along with her initial introduction to “A Course in Miracles,” which drew Kara much deeper into her spiritual journey. Until now, she has never spoken about these experiences, because she was afraid her friends and family would think she was crazy.

It is only now, more than 25 years later, that Kara has found the courage to share about her spellbinding spiritual journey and how she learned to become a spiritually based, courageous woman. The same choice that is available to every human being on this planet!

A Personal Note from the Author:

“This book suggests that some of us know we can connect with God and the Holy Spirit, but how many of us actually do so a regular basis? How many of us remember to forgive everyone and/or send love to all that we meet? I want readers to take away from my writing an understanding and acceptance that the Real World (the spiritual world) definitely exists. That if we can be quiet and listen and ask the Holy Spirit and/or our spiritual guides the questions we have, we can achieve some peace of mind and make appropriate decisions.”